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SLO Truth was launched in July 2016 as a political organization that combats political extremism in San Luis Obispo County. It started as a progressive platform. Over time, SLO Truth evolved and became a bipartisan-supported organization. In this post-“alternative fact” world, people on the left and right are tired of misinformation and disinformation that’s pervaded our public discourse.

Your donations resulted in a number of successful grassroots campaigns last year.

We used social media and directly engaged with District 3 voters and helped re-elect Adam Hill for Supervisor. We also educated and informed Los Osos residents of Julie Tacker’s record and costly public records requests. Voters responded. Tacker, who is now the subject of fraud and elderly abuse allegations, was unable to reclaim her director seat on the Los Osos Community Services District. Our #DropDontShop campaign educated residents on the controversial tabloid site CalCoastNews and informed them of advertisers supporting their defamatory and incendiary reporting. After launching #DropDontShop, consumers have taken their money elsewhere. CalCoastNews recognized the effectiveness of our campaign and introduced it as “evidence” in a lawsuit they filed against Adam Hill, which was recently dismissed with prejudice.

We need your continued support and your donations count more than ever.

This year, SLO County residents elected a deeply partisan majority on the board. For the past two weeks, their actions have betrayed their constituency. They are proudly in lockstep with the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture & Business (COLAB), a deeply partisan lobbying organization. The current board chairman, John Peschong, is also a lobbyist, having served as a political and public affairs consultant for decades. Your donations will support a robust grassroots campaign that educates and informs the public of what’s at stake by having a hyperpartisan majority on the Board of Supervisors. Any campaigns relevant to the Board of Supervisors would be coordinated with other local political organizations and concerned citizens.

We’re also seeking legal representation. CalCoastNews, which is backed by the SLO County Republican Party and former State Senator Sam Blakeslee, has shown a willingness to file frivolous litigation and use the legal system to curtain their opponents’ First Amendment rights. Though their “reporters” are board members of the local ACLU chapter, CalCoastNews has shown their intent to chill constitutionally protected criticism of their “reporting.” SLO Truth founder Aaron Ochs was targeted by the website. Last year, CalCoastNews deposed Ochs for a defamation lawsuit he was not involved in. The website published a falsified account of his testimony and is stonewalling attempts to release the deposition transcript. Legal counsel would fight to release the transcript and hold CalCoastNews accountable for their defamatory reporting practices and lack of transparency.

Thorough research, reporting and community outreach takes time and effort. The work we do is purely on a volunteer basis. We’re not commissioned by anyone to do what we do. Readers like you support us because you believe in our ability to educate and inform the public of truth in local politics. We’re not beholden to special interests or candidates, and we’re proud of that.

Donate today and support SLO Truth. Together, we can make a difference in our community and take a stand against local extremism.

Aaron Ochs is a columnist, marketing entrepreneur and founder of SLO Truth. Ochs is also involved in his community as founder of Save Morro Bay (

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