For the past six years, I’ve been covering the local fake news cabal and their relentless harassment of residents, small business owners, community volunteers and local officials. In an era where investigative journalism is constantly under threat, we need the truth to shine through — now more than ever. In SLO County, what’s happened locally is a clear microcosm of what’s happening nationally.

In 2017, we were reminded that journalism is a beacon of balance that keeps democracy alive. Many national media organizations are under constant assault by the government and their ideological supporters. SLO Truth has also faced political assault — not from government, but from organizations catering to SLO County Board of Supervisors’ hard right-leaning board majority.

As we head into the holiday weekend, I wanted to thank everyone who supported SLO Truth. Your support gave me the strength to personally fight false and troubling allegations against me in court and win. The fake news extremists, who ironically have close ties to the ACLU, tried to criminalize my free speech by abusing the legal system. Sadly, I recently learned that my fight against them is far from over. They attacked my employers, my readers and my family. Nevertheless, I persist.

But SLO Truth has grown beyond my personal struggles. Fueled by the power of social media, SLO Truth is now one of the leading online media in SLO County. It will only grow bigger when more voices join us.

Lately I’ve asked reporters and columnists to be a part of SLO Truth. Many have expressed interest, but in order to bring them on board, we need your help. With your financial support, we can start paying contributors and encourage them to bring truth to power.

Last year, your support helped ignite successful online grassroots campaigns to raise awareness of political extremism. Now we’re making the transition into a robust news and commentary platform. We’re phasing out our political organization to focus more on bringing politically diverse views to the forefront. We’ve also shuttered our news counterpart CURRENT in order to improve the brand we’ve already cultivated with SLO Truth.

By supporting us for our December pledge, we’ll be able to compete on a larger scale with the local media and provide a reliable alternative for the Central Coast.

SLO Truth is ready to evolve, but we need your support. Our stretch goal is $10,000 and we’d like to raise that money by December 31. Interested in pitching in? Hit the big red DONATE button below to get started.

Aaron Ochs is a columnist, marketing entrepreneur and founder of SLO Truth. Ochs is also involved in his community as founder of Save Morro Bay (

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