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Karen Velie and Alex Jones

Like Alex Jones, Karen Velie is a pathological liar who can’t separate fact from fiction. One year after I defeated her in court, Velie continues to harass and incite harassment toward me — the clearest indication yet she will never learn her lesson. And Sandy Hook victims continue to endure similar hardship with Jones years after the massacre.

The world knows his name. A video showing his agonizing, final hours has garnered national and international coverage. SLO County is now associated with…

Karen Velie and Stew Jenkins

I’ve seen a number of critics and step up to criticize Hill’s behavior, but none of them are as egregious in their hypocrisy as Stew Jenkins, a man who has no business practicing or interpreting law — a man who should check his own behavior before criticizing someone else’s.

Donald Trump tweet (Feb. 17, 2017)

Any attempt to bridge the divide should be applauded, but there’s a lingering sense of hopelessness. When the president makes remarks like that, it only motivates his supporters to exercise fascist ignorance.