SLO Truth’s Statement on Julie Tacker’s Disgraceful Re-Election Bid

Former Los Osos Community Services Director and self-proclaimed ‘government watchdog’ Julie Tacker announced that she is running to reclaim her old seat. Tacker once again peddles her personal, financial agenda-driven advocacy while sweeping her dismal record under the rug. Prior to running, Tacker amassed a decade of fiscal irresponsibility, moral turpitude and reckless endangerment of a district she’s failed to protect. By announcing her campaign, Tacker insults thousands of Los Osos residents and businesses by assuming that they’re ignorant of her past. Los Osos has much to lose from Tacker reclaiming her seat, nearly a decade after she left the community in financial ruin.

SLO Truth vehemently opposes Tacker’s re-election campaign. We’ve launched the #NeverTacker campaign to educate and inform residents about Tacker’s record.

Los Osos deserves better.

Tacker has done the following:

  • Settled with herself and her friends using taxpayer dollars

  • Publicly bragged about derailing the long-awaited sewer project

  • Fought against the legally required Prop. 218 assessment vote

  • Paved the way to district bankruptcy

  • Faced several conflict of interest issues involving her employment with controversial developer Jeff Edwards

  • Evaded and obstructed Grand Jury inquests

  • Wasted thousands of dollars of public resources to pursue her personal and financial agenda

  • Personally attacked elected officials throughout SLO County

  • Personally retaliates against her critics

  • Pushed for Edwards’ widely unpopular projects under the faulty guise of “land use consulting”

Don’t believe us? Here’s her record in Los Osos. Read her public records requests.