Our Positions

SLO Truth will be revising and specifying positions as the organization takes shape. For now, here are basic tenets that we follow for adopting policies.

Get the Best Candidates Elected

We strongly believe in electing the most qualified candidates for the job. We stand strong against candidates who use dirty tactics and smears to get themselves elected. We support honest, transparent and passionate candidates who completely disavow extreme partisanship and don’t take the low road.

Protect the Voters

We strongly believe that voters should be properly informed about issues and candidates before they vote. We strive to ensure that voters will not be influenced by misinformation and disinformation propagated by local extremists and special interests.

Defend & Strengthen the Middle Class

We strongly believe in supporting measures and candidates that give hard-working families opportunities to continue living on California’s Central Coast. Given the rise in median house costs, stagnating wages and a lacking of head-of-household income jobs, San Luis Obispo County needs our support and advocacy for the middle class.

Fight for the Environment

We strongly believe that protecting the environment is a top priority. The local right and special interests are tirelessly fighting to weaken ordinances and measures that protect the environment under the guise of preserving property rights. We know better.

Ensure Dignity, Not Discrimination

We strongly believe in fighting for equality for all residents of San Luis Obispo County. We seek to end racial profiling, workplace discrimination and measures that negatively impact the dignity of minorities. We strongly support LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and homeless rights.