Terror Town Radio

Does Congalton sound like someone who’s learned anything at all from what’s happened to Karen Velie and his role in spreading her lies and bringing her down? Does Karen Velie act like someone who’s learned something from being exposed as a liar and paying the price most have to pay for lying so publicly and viciously?

Karen Velie

Springtime for Velie

Spring was in the air, just a week away on the calendar from becoming official. Even the birds in the trees outside the courthouse on Monterey Street were chirping about Velie and Blackburn getting what was coming to them. Justice had been served to Velie and Blackburn on a very expensive silver platter they dropped and broke. Now they have to pay for it.

Tenborg vs. CalCoastNews: The Conclusion

CCN’s credibility in the community has sharply declined and it’s irreversible. Despite a unanimous jury verdict, they’re still in denial. Their reaction to the verdict demonstrates a clear lack of journalistic gravitas. Everyone but them and their core supporters see that. CCN insists they will stay in operation as if to say they’re defying the nefarious forces yearning for their demise, but that bravado is unjustified. For as long as they’re in operation, CCN will serve as a reminder of what investigative journalism isn’t. Fine with me.

Tenborg vs. CalCoastNews: Week 1 Coverage

The Tenborg v. CalCoastNews trial offers a shocking inside look into a local tabloid’s journalism methods. The plaintiff’s counsel was able to create a revealing juxtaposition between a site that brags about being “non-partisan and adhere to the strictest journalism ethics and standards,” yet they recklessly abandon those standards in their delusional pursuit of scandal.

CalCoastNews: Fake News, Not Free Press

As their defamation trial is rapidly approaching, CalCoastNews will likely continue to ride the wave of outrage among journalists concerned that their First Amendment rights are being oppressed or otherwise undermined by government officials. At first glance, it appears CalCoastNews is a victim of “fake news” shaming by the bureaucratic elite, but court records show otherwise. They are a sophomoric far cry from mainstream media outlets like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and CNN.

Andrea Seastrand

The Echo Chamber Needs to Go

Those on the far-right of the political spectrum are only interested in opinions expressed from within their echo chamber. The Tribune is catering to that myopic impulse. Likewise, some on the left are virulently opposed to opinions different than their own, and prefer to coexist in the echo chamber “safe space.” The solution to this problem is to maintain an open mind, respect the debate and work together. Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t hurt to try.