Candidates with integrity won’t stoop to underhanded and illegal tactics. They certainly shouldn’t be silent, especially when these allegations and propaganda are so prevalent in our political discourse. Voter frustration and anger are commonplace in political campaigns, but well-organized character assassinations should be addressed, condemned and corrected. If it’s not addressed, this type of mudslinging will become the new norm in SLO County politics, and voters will be unable to cut through the incessant, hyperbolic noise.

The world knows his name. A video showing his agonizing, final hours has garnered national and international coverage. SLO County…

Karen Velie and Stew Jenkins

I’ve seen a number of critics and step up to criticize Hill’s behavior, but none of them are as egregious in their hypocrisy as Stew Jenkins, a man who has no business practicing or interpreting law — a man who should check his own behavior before criticizing someone else’s.

If you are interested in bringing back the idea of a fake news panel, please allow me to participate and set the truth free for my sake and everyone else’s. It’s time to bring integrity back to Cal Poly Journalism Dept. by discussing a fake news site their faculty helped enable.

Until they act like grown-ups, wear a suit instead of military camo, and eliminate the death threats, the “auditors” will be ignored. But if they attempt to carry out any of their threats, we will fight back accordingly.


People will think Adam Hill’s personal revelation is somehow an excuse or some public relations-savvy pivot, but we can all agree Hill’s candor about the subject is something that a lot of people can relate to. By having that discussion, we can literally save lives and be a part of the solution.

Women's March

Sexual harassment and misconduct cases are largely ignored by the local establishment. While the Women’s March and protesters are doing their best to raise awareness and enact policies to protect women, there’s also a counterculture of sexual misconduct denial, exploitation and shaming that must be addressed.