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Arroyo Grande mayor Jim Hill's attorney Stew Jenkins addresses the board with SLO resident Kevin P. Rice giving a thumbs down

The Hypocrites Who Gathered in Arroyo Grande

Several local residents and outside agitators descended on a South SLO County Sanitation District meeting to support Arroyo Grande’s beleaguered mayor, Jim Hill, condemn everyone who doesn’t support him, and personally attack the law firm investigating him. Oh, the hypocrisy is stunning!

by September 22, 2017 1 comment Columns
Clean Up Your Act, Mayor Hill

Clean Up Your Act, Mayor Hill

Instead of calling the results of an independent investigation a political witchhunt, Arroyo Grande mayor Jim Hill needs to stop repeating history his political campaign helped set into motion.

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SLO County Republican Party Struggles to Condemn Hate

SLO County Republican Party Struggles to Condemn Hate

Seems like several SLO County conservatives are struggling to condemn Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, especially the local Republican Party.

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San Luis Obispo Superior Court

EXCLUSIVE: The Curious Case of CalCoastNews vs. Me

They published an article that resulted in a defamation lawsuit and a $1.1 million judgment against them, but criticize them for their journalistic misconduct — and get slapped with a civil harassment order request. Criticize them for making unsubstantiated allegations — and get inundated with unsubstantiated accusations of “violent” stalking, harassment and threats.

by August 25, 2017 9 comments Columns
Conspiracy theorist and radio show host Alex Jones

Mental Health of Conspiracy Theorists Matters

There are common threads between Alex Jones, Karen Velie and Kevin P. Rice: they’re mentally unfit, and many conservatives support them wholeheartedly, despite overwhelming evidence that they’re unfit and their content is unfit to print.

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Anonymity is Not a Basic Right

Anonymity is Not a Basic Right

Anonymity has been used as a tool in productive ways, from providing a voice for the voiceless to spurring regime change in countries with corrupt, authoritarian governments.  Yet time and time again, we’ve seen anonymity being weaponized to foster limitless hostility that often ventures into criminal conduct. But when certain anonymous become part of the news, it’s hard to argue that they should be protected from being identified.

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CalCoastNews’ Desperation and Downfall: A Teaching Moment

CalCoastNews’ Desperation and Downfall: A Teaching Moment

If CalCoastNews won’t hold themselves accountable, then it’s up to us to be accountable in what we do going forward. Every time they avoid personal responsibility, we should be reminded to continuously improve ourselves with how we disseminate information. With CURRENT and SLO Truth, I can forge a path far better than those I’ve been known to cover accurately.

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KVEC radio show host Dave Congalton

Terror Town Radio

Does Congalton sound like someone who’s learned anything at all from what’s happened to Karen Velie and his role in spreading her lies and bringing her down? Does Karen Velie act like someone who’s learned something from being exposed as a liar and paying the price most have to pay for lying so publicly and viciously?

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From left to right: Cristin Powers, Karen Velie, and Summer Awbrey

Inside CCN’s Smear Campaign Against SLO Progressives

In their April 13 issue, the New Times published a comprehensive cover story on CCN and asked readers if their work is “fit to print.” We know the answer, and we should all move past that question. Journalists don’t work with their children to publish anonymous, defamatory propaganda and infiltrate a political organization under false and deceptive pretenses.

by April 13, 2017 1 comment Columns
Springtime for Velie

Springtime for Velie

Spring was in the air, just a week away on the calendar from becoming official. Even the birds in the trees outside the courthouse on Monterey Street were chirping about Velie and Blackburn getting what was coming to them. Justice had been served to Velie and Blackburn on a very expensive silver platter they dropped and broke. Now they have to pay for it.

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