We are a passionate group of people that strive every day to correct the record and fight extremism that pervades public discourse in San Luis Obispo County, California. With your help, county voters will see past the diversions, the misinformation and disinformation inundating the airwaves. Together we can take on the baseless attacks on local leaders and candidates who are looking to make a positive difference in our community. We’re looking for dedicated individuals who are fearless, dependable and thorough. Would you like to join us?

SLO Truth is looking for volunteers to assist in grassroots efforts, organizational management and special events. Here are the following positions that are available:



The treasurer’s role is to ensure that all the organization’s fiscal responsibilities are met in a timely and efficient manner. The treasurer will be responsible for general financial oversight, funding, fundraising and sales. Experience in grant writing is preferred.


The secretary is responsible for making sure board meetings are effectively organized and documented in minutes. The secretary is also responsible for organizing administrative records and ensuring the board follows bylaws.

Media Outreach Chair

The media outreach chair is responsible for assigning a rapid-response media task force that works with volunteer copywriters and researchers. Once the rapid response copy is completed, the media outreach chair sends press releases to the local media. Experience with MailChimp mailing service is preferred.


We’re looking for researchers that are adept at reviewing voting records, press coverage, board agendas and minutes. Researchers will also be asked to conduct public records requests pursuant to the California Public Records Act. NOTE: Researchers will be reimbursed for costs associated with CPRA requests.

Copywriters & Bloggers

Writers will be assigned topics for articles and columns posted on SLO Truth. Articles will be featured on the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr). Writers will occasionally be asked to work with researchers on content. Some writers will work with the Media Outreach Chair to formulate content for press releases.

Don’t see a listed position that interests you? Let us know how you can help us!

To apply, CLICK HERE to contact us.